a minor commitment

– The coffee was strong
– We arose to bright sunshine
– We were up earlier than usual
– There was laughter and smiles

– We put in the work — when it didn’t make sense — in order to capitalize when it did
– We honed our skills on other projects which enabled quick completion on this important one
– We pushed for a better timeline when the argument was strongest
– We worked with the relevant stakeholders

– Great (new!) flavors
– Quite impressively from scratch
– Rambunctious, beautiful, hilarious children
– Good friend
– Weather change: cooler, windy, rainy (brief hail), thunder

  1. tl;dr — good weather, food, and company 
  2. tl;dr — we cared early, prepped often, pushed when necessary, and collaborated 
  3. tl;dr — well-prepared new flavors and interesting weather with good friends and children makes for a great time