a minor commitment
three things: one

Basement Cleaning Activity1
– Loud children’s music by the brilliant Justin Roberts provided the soundtrack
– Simple objectives for my little helpers (e.g. these in the box; these on the table; these in the garbage)
– The only distractions were game-oriented and fun

A combination of:
– The stories they request
– The poems of A. A. Milne — some favorites: Buckingham Palace and Independence
– Patience

Book Selection3
– You’d pre-selected them first
– You chose from the much smaller pre-selection
– They were awaiting action when you arose for the day

  1. tl;dr — fun music and clear game-like objectives won the day 
  2. tl;dr — (1) let them choose a few. (2) finish with something good that you enjoy. (3) wait. 
  3. tl;dr — remove the unnecessary