Each Spring Texas Tech University does something wonderful: they produce a handful of original, student written, 10 minute plays. RROAPS (or Raider Red’s One-Act Play Spectacular if you prefer) is this amazing event. At first I thought that I wouldn’t be submitting anything this year (in fact, since I’m mostly off-campus I didn’t even remember that submissions would be due so soon) but upon hearing about it I truly had to think about whether or not I’d be submitting a work for consideration. Well, I’ve considered and I’ve decided to submit a play for consideration. In truth I didn’t write the work specifically for this festival (as I have in years past). Since my time has been taken up by re-reading an entire bookshelf in preparations for my Doctoral Qualifying exams (which begin early October 2010) I’ve been using the in-between time — when I need some head clearing — to compose some short monologues as a study of sorts. I’ve been reading these books since the beginning of summer in a non-stop fashion and some head-clearing was certainly in order. A monologue I’d been working on this week ended up turning into a short play on its own.

In an effort to keep this post short I’ll conclude with two notes:

  1. Sadly, I won’t be able to post this play until it is either produced (if accepted) or rejected.
  2. Happily, I’ll very soon be posting my play The Man Who Became Sand (previously produced in RROAPS) on this site.
  3. I’ll also be working to reformat my other works for posting on this site in the future as well.

This is the start of a mission, perhaps, to spread the theatrical goodness around a little better (much much more on that later).